A Latte About Me

I am Jeanie. Some of my favorite peeps call me sweetie, mom & Mrs. Cullip. Welcome to my little piece of the internet! This is a place for me to percolate on things that happen at home & at school and then share them with you.

Throughout my life coffee has become one of those consistent things in my life no matter what I am doing …

Each morning I have my quiet time with my very first cup of coffee. Special times are frequently had between my husband and I with a pot of coffee. Spending an afternoon at a local coffee shop writing lesson plans. A fun outing and one on one time with the kids is a coffee/ hot chocolate date at Starbucks. A tall Iced Coffee while cleaning my home, running errands, or paying the bills. Purchasing a latte or mocha at our church’s coffee shop before attending worship service. Sharing giggles & Jesus over coffee with another woman. Sitting in my chair with my coffee and laptop writing an article or two to share with those near and far.

I invite you to sit back and have a cup of your favorite beverage with me every now and again. I am looking forward to spending more time with you!

☕️ I am a wife to Chad, since 2008.
☕️ I am mom to three beautiful children of my own and two step children ages 13 to 22.
☕️ I teach 6th grade Reading & Advisory.
☕️ I love reading, writing, enjoying all things that sparkle, and drinking coffee.

Please feel free to connect with me via social media in the links below. You may also send me an email with any questions or just to chat!

a latte of sparkles & giggles,