Daily Priorities & Morning Smoothies

You may ask what on earth does my daily priorities have to do with a morning smoothie. Well, other than my health is one of upmost priorities, these are two things that I do most mornings to begin my day that leads me toward a successful start which empowers me to keep on going through the afternoon and the evening.

Daily Priorities

First, I will start with the daily priorities. As a Leader in Me School, I have taken apart of the lesson a few times in prioritizing. It starts with the big rocks, followed by sand, and ends with water. Here, the big rocks are your most important things in your life – those things that you hold valuable. For me these are my spiritual life, family, school (work), business, and blog. If something is of importance, you want to make sure you have time to complete things that involve them – which is why they are the big rocks and why they must go first. The rocks are followed by sand. Sand represents the things that support or pair with the rocks. The little things, behind the scenes characters that need to be accomplished so that you can have the rocks. In my life, this is the menu planning, daily chores, emails to be sent, lessons to be planned, people to reach out to, meetings to attend, writing activities, etc. You can have the rocks without the sand; but ultimately it makes the rocks better. After sand, you have water. Water is the finishing touches. The things throughout your day that makes it special. Have you ever noticed how water sparkles when you shine light upon it? These things add happiness to your life – again they are not of the highest priority; but they add to the meaning of your days. In my life these are my hobbies of reading, listening to music, dancing in the kitchen while waiting for the brownies to be done. These are often unplanned; however with your rocks and sand in place you still will have time for these moments to occur.

Each day, I write out my rocks & sand and leave moments of time for water in my happy planner. Placing priorities from the Big Rocks to the Water ensures that I will have time (room if you will) to do all the things I want (need) to accomplish. This planner of mine has evolved over the last month as life looks a little different with COVID-19, but the purpose hasn’t changed.

My daily planning sheet before pen.

Morning Smoothies

Just like my daily priorities, my morning smoothie is created in such a way that makes enough space in my blender to get all of the nutrients I need (want) to add to it. And this may sound a little cheesy, it also helps me set my focus on my priorities .. a morning hands on lesson that allows me to visualize toward my daily focus.

Here me out, yes I am a middle school teacher so this may be why this makes since to me; however let’s break this down.

Just like in Steven Covey’s demonstration in the 1980’s with rocks, sand, and water in a jar, my morning smoothie takes on the same attributes. First, my rocks are rather the fruits and superfoods that I place in my blender. Placing these in first not only allows them to be blended correctly, but also will allow enough space for the rest of the ingredients in my smoothie.

Second, the sand is the protein powder, flax seed, and/ or Enrichables (a way that Pampered Chef assists you in boosting nutrition into your everyday recipes).

Last, the water is the almond milk, orange juice, coconut milk, etc.

When making my morning smoothie, I am reminded of all that I am to do each day and not become overwhelmed because I have laid it out in such a way that it will all fit in the hours ahead – just like the ingredients in the blender!

I really hope this helps you in creating your own morning reminder that you got this and because you have planned out your day and/ or you smoothie you can make time/room for all that you want/need.

Please stay tuned this week, for simple & scrumptious smoothie recipes for you to try.

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