…nevertheless, I persisted.

The following story is one that is represented by the ellipses when I write …nevertheless, she persisted. Written the winter of 2019.

In 1995, I graduated from high school with two goals: move away from my verbally abusive father and become a teacher. In the Fall of 1995, I succeeded at my first goal of leaving my father’s home and began my journey toward my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher by attending, Wenatchee Valley Community College (WVCC). Here I had a difficult time transitioning into college classes, living on my own, and budgeting my money. I obtained a retail job to assist me in my financial issues; however, this provided me with an additional burden of balancing both a part-time job and a full-time college schedule. With no support from family or a close group of friends nearby, I failed. I became depressed and ready for change, but not willing to move back home and give up on my dreams. After consideration and discussion with the administration, I chose to leave WVCC and continue my studies at Peninsula Community College (PCC); the other community college in Washington State with a dormitory. At PCC, I worked toward my teaching degree, obtained a retail position, and fell in love. Through these experiences, I moved out of the dorm and moved into an apartment with my fiance; I also chose to focus more attention on my job and my future role as a wife. Financially struggling and my fiance having a difficult time finding a job, we decided that he was to join the Army and we would travel the world together. With no money, we left PCC in 1997 and temporarily moved in with my father. At this time, my college career was on hold until further notice.

     Fast forward seventeen years; I am remarried, have three children of my own and two step-children, living in Twin Falls Idaho. It is 2014, my youngest child is starting Kindergarten in the Fall; I decide that it is time to obtain my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. The plan was to complete my associate’s degree at College of Southern Idaho (CSI) and then my bachelor’s degree at Idaho State University – Twin Falls (ISU-TF). I take my college assessment and find myself needing to take a plethora of remedial math classes to be eligible to take the required math courses for my associate’s degree. Overwhelmed, I discuss my plans with my college advisor at CSI and an advisor at ISU-TF.

With support from my family and friends, I successfully graduated with honors in the Spring of 2016 at CSI with an associates degree in Elementary Education.

  Fall 2016, I am accepted into both ISU and the College of Education. A new degree plan is created with the assistance of my college advisor and I have been on the Dean’s list every semester that I have completed here at ISU. This last year, my advisor and I updated my degree plan so that I can complete an emphasis in both English and History. Today, I am eligible to graduate in May 2019. Next semester, I will be taking 14 credits; completing my bachelor’s degree with my required student teaching internship to prepare me for my role as a teacher.

As a young adult, I experienced many hardships which have made me the person I am today; resilient, dedicated, and strong. Although, I did not complete my degree at the time WVCC and PCC; the classes provided me with foundational knowledge that I have used toward my education classes at both CSI and ISU. Even though it took me extra remedial classes at CSI, I deepened my critical thinking skills and raised my self-confidence through each required course completed to obtain my Elementary Education A.A. degree. Now at ISU, I further my knowledge as a future upper-elementary school teacher. It has been twenty years since I began working toward my dream; I am so very excited about finally achieving my second goal!

Until next time – a latte of blessings & sparkles,

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