Happy Fathers Day, I Miss You and Love You

Joseph W. Nameniuk
December 1931- September 2007

Tho he had died years ago in September,
today I celebrate the good times I remember.

He shared lots of stories from the past,
road rage would hit and he would drive real fast.

Naps, cigarettes, and a shot of whisky,  
‘Na zdorov’ya ‘  he would say to me.

Short tempered, poor, hands unclean,
hard – worker, sarcastic, and awfully mean.

Stubborn, funny, detail orientated,
the cars he drove, and things he wore were a bit outdated.

Two daughters and a son,
his unconditional love was a prize the three of us won.

Welder, fighter, hammer and saw,
five lucky kids called him Grandpa.

Good times, bad times, and in between,
days have gone so fast since he has last been seen.

I often wished a different one I had,
but now that he is gone I miss my Dad.

So today I celebrate memories with great cheer,
the man I wish could still be here.

Until next time – a latte of blessings & sparkles,

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