The Action Files

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I am inspired by my success I had in the classroom with taming the paper monster so today I am going to tackle it at home.

I am in the middle of cleaning my home office. I am motivated to keep the papers where the papers belong and not return to the abyss in this file box pictured above. So, what do I do with all the papers that do not need to be saved or what do I do if I do not have the time to do something with the paper as soon as I get it? (Although, I have found to be the best method)

I have put together a system that is going to work great! It may work for you too!

First a piece of paper comes into the house (ahhhhhh NO MORE PAPER!!!!!!)
Option A. If its junk mail or garbage THROW IT AWAY IMMEDIATELY I mean Recycle
Option B. If it is something that needs attention DO IT NOW!!

BUT, I am a mom and I understand that it is often not possible to do ANYTHING immediately. So, I have put together a filing system at Grand Central Station in our main hallway.

I call it the Action Files: To File, To Do, To Call/ Email, To Pay, To Read, To Plan, To Keep (the options here are endless to meet your specific needs).

When I come in contact with a piece of paper through checking the mail, emptying my child’s backpack, emptying my everyday bag, etc .. IF I am unable to act at that moment on what the paper insists on me doing (again the best method), then I take the second to place it in the correct action file. In addition, I have created Action Files for each family member so that they may tame their paper monster too!

In order for the Action Files to properly work, it is important to create a daily/weekly/monthly time (your preference) to complete the actions. I have placed a weekly to do – Action Files on my calendar. Files are transportable, so they would be easy to grab and place in your everyday bag as you head out the door. Rather than trying to beat level 1,299 on Candy Crush or aimlessly scroll through social media you could complete them while at your child’s practice or while waiting for an appointment to begin.

How exciting! (yes, I am a lil geeky this way)

Okay paper come on down! I’m ready…. (total geek.. I know). I think I am going to go update my email inbox with these action files too while I wait.

I hope this was helpful to you and your home paper monster. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. A latte of blessings & sparkles until next time,

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