“Jeanie, I love you”

A hot July, summer day Chad, his children and I headed to Ocean Shores for some improtu fun to be had at the beach. The plan for the day was for Chad and I to have some much needed adult time as we got to know each other better as friends but things changed for his ex-wife made plans with her new boyfriend on her weekend with the children. My children were with their father but I agreed to go along anyway since I will never miss an opportunity to visit the ocean.

You must understand that in the beginning of Chad and I’s relationship our goal was to become good friends. Neither one of us was looking for anything more as we were both in the middle of picking up all of the pieces from our broken marriages. Since Chad and I had children the same ages we thought it would be delightful to get them together for play-dates while we could sit back, laugh and drink coffee. Conversations with Chad could last for hours, it always flowed gracefully from one topic to another. There were no awkward silences just moments that we needed to breathe. These conversations were the one thing that I needed the most as a single mom as my days were full of the words, “no” “stop that” “go to your room” “because I said so” etc..

The truck was filled with much laughter and silliness as we made the 3 hour drive to the ocean. It would have probably taken a shorter amount of time but there were much needed potty breaks along the way. Chad equally spent his time talking to me and to his children. I was included in a few of those conversations as well. We were just about to get off I-5 passing the Washington State Capitol building in Olympia when out of nowhere came the words from Chad’s sweet 3 year old son, “Jeanie, I love you.” The truck became quiet, I did not know how to respond, I was speechless. I thought it was just simply fabulous that he would say those words so I replied with, “thank you, you are too kind.” Chad and I giggled and returned to our conversation.

The five of us had a wonderful time at the beach. After we all watched the sun set right into the ocean we loaded back up into the truck to go home. This day is immersed in my mind forever, not just because of the memorable words that came out of his mouth yet it was the moment that my friendship with Chad engulfed into a friendship with his children as well.

Each week, I share a story here on CoffeeGirl.Blog. Until next time – a latte of blessings & sparkles,

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