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Another one of my favorite tools this summer is my, Priority Planner. During the school year, I use a Happy Planner to plan and organize my school and home life. While, I am on break I did not need something so complex so I took the opportunity to use the Rachel Hollis’ Priority Planner I found while scrolling through the pages of my Target app (this is the social distancing equivalent of walking up and down the Target aisles).

Each morning, after I complete my gratitude and dream writing in my Start Today Journal my mindset is prepared to take a look at my day as well as the week and month ahead. I am always looking at what I need to accomplish in these time periods to meet the needs of my own, my family, and my work – making adjustments as necessary. I can do this on the daily page of the Priority Planner.

What I love most about the Priority Planner is that it is set up to help you reach your short term goals. It provides you with 90 days of daily pages, 13 weekly pages, and 3 monthly pages so that you can take your short term goal and break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks.

My 2020 Summer Priority Planner is dedicated to the pursuit of building routines and creating habits. My intention for this planner is to construct routines that are lined up with daily, weekly, monthly habits that will set my days up for both success and joy.

It is said that it takes about 28 days to create a habit. If we are to commit to completing a task over and over again for an entire month, we can start seeing the success of doing it habitually without any reminders. Because of this, I broke down my summer goal into 3 equal parts within the 90 day period; providing the time necessary to successfully develop new habits within my day.

Goal #1 – Morning Routine

Lead myself consistently from 6am-8am (this will return to 5am-7am during school time) through my daily morning routine.

6 a.m Wake up & enjoy cup of coffee!
6:10 Gratitude & dream journaling
6:20 Prioritize the day ahead
6:30 Make bed
6:40 Prepare for day
7:00 Breakfast
7:30 Bible reading, devotional & prayer

I used the monthly pages to incorporate a new task each week so that I slowly build upon my routine throughout the thirty days. I suggest not to overload yourself with too many new things so that you do not overwhelm yourself and end up quitting.

Goal #2 – Night Night Routine

Lead myself consistently from 8pm-10pm through my night-night routine.

8 p.m Shower/ Bath – or what I like to call Bather where you start a bath to soak and then finish up with a shower to wash 🙂
8:30 Wash face & moisturize
8:35 Look ahead at tomorrow (Do I need to take anything out of the freezer or prepare for anything?)
8:40 Choice Hour with Tea (writing, reading, sleeping early, etc.. my choice)
9:40 Personal Reading
10:00 Lights out

Goal #3 – Evening Routine

Lead myself consistently from 5pm- 8pm through my evening routine.

5 p.m 30 minutes of movement
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Home Activity
7:00 Read with Lily
7:30 Night Night Lily

I am currently within Goal #2 building upon my night night routine while maintaining my morning routine established in June. Later this month, I will be adding my evening routine or should I say consistently completing as most of these tasks I am already doing but being more faithful in the little things. When school begins, I will focus on the time between 8am-5pm at work. Focusing on making better use of my time during the work day Monday – Friday so that I can enjoy my weekends with my family.

What I have noticed so far in my routine is that I feel accomplished, energetic, and more joyful in my days. These routines incorporate my necessary tasks to complete as a mom and homebody. It also includes time to eat and move, as well as my hobbies I enjoy. When school begins, I am looking forward to having a center of wellness daily rather than just working toward the weekend.

Have you used a priority planner? What type of routines have you established in your daily life?

Until next time – a latte of sparkles & giggles,

2 thoughts on “Priority Planner

  1. I am seeing the benefits of scheduling and planning, being in lockdown messed up my routine. Scheduling puts structure for day to day activities. Not working right now, but do many free online workshops and it’s good not to forget the times and dates, lol. I am going to start planning for 2021 soon.

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