Article of the Week

#BestFirstWeekEver published on the blog Musings from the Middle School. Jenna Smith shares about her first week back to school for the 2016-17 year. According to the article they had a successful week and she highlights a few things that they completed: Teaching Growth Mindset with the Paper Challenge, Icebreaker’s that Rock, Numbering Notebooks, Article of the Week and more. Each one these highlights she shares another blog post that she has written in the past, explaining the lesson/curriculum in full detail. I spent quite a lot of time on this blog post reading each one of these individual posts. I thoroughly enjoyed Article of the Week. In Using Article of the Week in your classroomJenna first defines Article of the Week (AoW) as,

“a great way to get students reading and interacting with lots of interesting and current informational texts” (para. 4).

Jenna uses these as homework in her middle school English/Language Arts classroom. Vale Middle School shares an article each week that is available to teachers and students free of charge. The middle school also provides scaffolded questions for each article based on CCSS which are editable so you can modify them to meet your student’s individual needs. A rubric and a student sample piece that one could model for expectations. Jenna states,

“I can’t say my students love them, but, they’ve gotten sort of amazing at close reading and analyzing them. And what’s more, they are learning about the world” (para. 7)! 

 I am definitely keeping this resource in hand for potential homework, classwork, or bell ringers in my classroom. Do you have any experience with Article of the Week? Please share any tips, complaints, or ideas in the comments! 

Until next time – a latte of sparkles & giggles,

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