The Christmas with No Pictures

The following is a memory from 2011:

So I began my morning enjoying being snuggled up in my new blanket and pillows from my mommy, drinking my coffee and catching up with my Facebook friends. I scanned through messages of Christmas moments and special wishes of love, joy, hope, and peace and scrolled through many beautiful pictures of their Christmas adventures.

If you are to go to my Facebook timeline you will not see any pictures of our Christmas adventure. Why?

We did not take any. It is not that I forgot my camera, it is because we were so involved with the moment that it never crossed our minds. But with that, there are memories that will be cherished forever in our hearts with no need for pictures.

For example, Half a’ cup received a music jewelry box from my brother … After she opened it and he assisted her with winding it up, the music began to play it stopped time. She leaned down and watched the miniature dancer twirl. Her eyes lighted up with much delight. The entire family sat quietly in amazement as she was experiencing the Christmas spirit.

Had I been trying to capture the picture of that moment trying to get the perfect shot I might have missed the true spirit of that moment. Sure, I could have looked back years from now and remembered how excited she was to receive the jewelry box while flipping through picture albums.. but that picture could not have re-created the moment that is captured in our hearts and minds forever!

I am in no way saying that pictures are bad, I am just saying that the C Family Christmas 2011 is one that will be on the books of our hearts instead of our Facebook. 

Until next time – a latte of sparkles & giggles,

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