How I Beat the Sunday Night Blues

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I find that my world continues to turn on the right axis when I plan what lies ahead. I have a Type A personality I absolutely love consistency and routines! The more consistent my life is the better I can function. However, there are a few major areas of my life that I do not want to or cannot do the same thing: the daily, weekly, monthly responsibilities; the food we eat; the clothes I wear; and the material I teach. Each day we are destined to make thousands of decisions as a teacher, a mom, and as a living breathing human .. here are four things I do each week so that I can breathe easier throughout the week and not feel so restless on Sunday night.

Lesson Planning

Every Thursday (sometimes Friday), I take a portion of my prep period to create my plans for Science and Social Studies the following week. I also create a weekly to do list of what needs to be done in order for these plans to occur. This to-do list is then prioritized of things of importance and can be spread across the week based on the needs of each day. I publish these lesson plans seen below on our classroom blogs: A Latte of Learning: Science Edition and A Latte of Learning: Social Studies Edition so that my students can complete their weekly agendas at the beginning of each week. I also project this agenda each day in class, so I can use the links for my lesson slides and/ or videos.

Weekly Planning

Every Friday, I take the same approach to my personal life as I did for school. I create a plan based on the needs of my life at home and at school. Then I create a to-do list prioritizing each item and place them on the day that fits best for the needs of my family. Pictured is my favorite planner the Classic Happy Planner with Vertical Weekly Layouts Monday – Sunday. Allowing me to separate my days: Morning, Before School, Science, Social Studies, After-school, and Evening. In addition, I use Happy Planner Mini Daily Sheets to list to-dos and my hourly schedule. I tend to fill out the daily sheet in the morning as I look at my day ahead.

Menu Planning

Every Saturday, I put together a menu plan based on my priorities and time availability from my lessons and weekly plan. As a creature of habit, this menu process is similar to my other planning practice. I create the things I would like to serve my family based on what we have as well as what I have been inspired to create from my guilty pleasure of watching Magnolia Table and The Pioneer Woman on Discovery+ on Saturday mornings. Once a menu has been written (I use this template pictured on Google Slides which allows me to print and place on my refrigerator and use active links for online recipes from my blog). Then I order the items I need from our local grocery stores and pick up these items on my way home from work on Monday.

Wardrobe Planning

Every Sunday after I do laundry and put it away, I lay out my clothes for the week. This was first just a weekly chore for my kids to ensure less chaos in the mornings before school and eliminating the issue of not having enough clothes washed or having the right outfit for the right occasion. I noticed that I really enjoy the simplicity of getting ready for work in the morning knowing that I do not have to find the right outfit for the day – because I already did that when my mind was fresh Sunday afternoon. I purchased this over the door hanger on as well as the nice wooden hangers to make it a nice part of my bathroom decor.

What are some things you do to beat the Sunday night blues? Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time – a latte of sparkles & giggles,

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