Daily Reflective Practice for Teachers

The article Designing Reflective Assessment for Workplace Learning explicates why I believe reflection is imperative to my teaching practice,

The capacity to reflect on one’s own strength and weaknesses, to learn from constructive criticism, and to practice critical reflection by monitoring one’s own work performance and interpersonal interactions is essential to the ability to learn from experience and is the cornerstone of the journey to becoming a lifelong learner (McNamara & Field).

Reflection is one of the successful keys in teaching. My education professors ensure us that we are our best resource when it comes to growing in the teaching field. My pastor stated the following about being a Christian; however, I think it fits well with teaching too: “When we are green, we are growing. It is when we are ripe, we begin to rot.” In order to grow, we need to know where we have been as well as where we are headed. Which is why reflection is a very important part of the art of teaching.

Let us not forget, the Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching (which our school district uses for teacher evaluations) Professional Responsibilities. The components in Domain 4 represent the wide range of a teacher’s responsibilities outside the classroom. These include reflecting on teaching, maintaining accurate records, communicating with families, contributing to the school and district, growing and developing professionally, and
showing professionalism.

Each lesson assigned to us throughout the education program, in one form or another includes a reflection piece. It would be impractical as a teacher to be able to reflect on every single lesson completed throughout the day; however, the key moments that stick out at the end of the school day are teachable moments and ought to be taken note of. When doing research for my student teaching placement, I found an article entitled, Reflective Teaching the author of Fairy Dust Teaching shares insight into the reflective practice and provides a free daily reflection sheet. The sheet includes several questions to gather your thoughts about the daily activities and as you write about them in a way that would assist you in becoming the best teacher you can be. 

How do you complete your teacher reflections? Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time …

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