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I Can Statements for Teachers

The following is a list of I can statements for teachers, based on the Framework for Teachers (FfT) by Charolette Danielson. It is my intention to take the time on to unpack the framework by: explaining the levels of mastery, identifying key concepts and skills, determining big ideas, and writing the essential questions. This attempt is so that myself and others may benefit fully from the FfT so that we may better our practice as teachers.

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How I Beat the Sunday Night Blues

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I find that my world continues to turn on the right axis when I plan what lies ahead. I have a Type A personality I absolutely love consistency and routines! The more consistent my life is the better I can function. However, there are a few major areas of my life that I do not want to or cannot do the same thing: the daily, weekly, monthly responsibilities; the food we eat; the clothes I wear; and the material I teach. Each day we are destined to make thousands of decisions as a teacher, a mom, and as a living breathing human .. here are four things I do each week so that I can breathe easier throughout the week and not feel so restless on Sunday night.

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Classroom Blogs and Wikis

This school year, I have created a classroom blog for my Advisory, Social Studies, and Science classes. I am in hopes it will be the consistent force within our days as we go up against varying schedules of online and in classroom learning. It will provide support information for the assignments that we complete as well as house our expectations, etiquettes, and procedures for the class.