The One with the Classroom Posters

I was asked where I purchased my posters for my classroom. So I decided to do a quick tutorial of how I created them. I designed my posters using Canva and used the same backgrounds as my lesson slides and classroom header. I saved it to the size needed for the poster. I then ordered…

The One With the Weekly Slide Template (Pacing Guides)

I learned early on that I love to use google slides or other presentation types like Canva to help guide me through the lesson and keep me on task. I can also submit these each day on our classroom blog for student review and for those who are absent. Weekly Slides Template Day One Essential…

The One With All the Bell Ringers

A simple bell ringer template for the reading classroom. Check out this free resource at my TPT store! a latte of blessings & giggles – until next time,

The One With Classroom Blogs and Wikis

This school year, I have created a classroom blog for my Advisory, Social Studies, and Science classes. I am in hopes it will be the consistent force within our days as we go up against varying schedules of online and in classroom learning. It will provide support information for the assignments that we complete as well as house our expectations, etiquettes, and procedures for the class.

The One With the Article of the Week

Jenna uses these as homework in her middle school English/Language Arts classroom. Vale Middle School shares an article each week that is available to teachers and students free of charge. The middle school also provides scaffolded questions for each article based on CCSS which are editable so you can modify them to meet your student’s individual needs.

The One With A Different Kind of Icebreaker

Hi, I am Mrs. Cullip. I absolutely love engaging students in the process of learning through activities, readings, lectures, and games so that they better understand the world in which they live. What do you love about what you do?