Write About App in the Classroom

We want students to be able to grow as writers; I am a firm believer that more writing practice makes a better writer. The more you write, the better you become. I read that a student should be writing more than what the teacher is grading. Write About gives students a place to do just that. Students create the post assigned by teacher, on their own topic, or through the variety of subjects/ ideas available on the site. Students can receive feedback from teacher. Published posts can be read and receive comments publicly, privately, or through specific groups.

Voxer App in the Classroom

One specific way to use this application is creating a virtual literature circle, creating a place for groups of students to continually and actively discuss the books they are reading. Providing students with the platform to share thoughts and ideas of the literature and gain further insights through the information gathered from their class-mates and teacher. Application assists with both time and differentiation for a better student focused classroom that a teacher can effectively manage.