This weeks quote from A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit is from Winston Churchill, ” Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” At the beginning of the reading I was pretty sure I knew that I would discuss my dream of becoming a teacher and how I never gave up on it because I knew since I was 4 that was what I was suppose to do.

But, as I continued to read through the story of Ruth and the quit quitting verses laid out by Nicki Koziarz, I began to direct a different focus. Each day I was reminded of the words from Mercy Me’s song Move,

“I just might bend but I won’t break.”

I did not know for sure where this was going until I read Ruth 2:1-2 when Ruth asks Naomi the following question, “Will you let me go into the fields and gather fallen grain behind someone who allows me to?” It was not the words exactly that drove my focus but the responding text written by Koziarz,

Instead of sitting around eating Hershey’s Kisses® and vegging out on Netflix, Ruth asks a very specific question: Can I get to work? It’s like she knows if she doesn’t start to put some movement in her life she’s going to fall into the cycle of defeat. She’s tired of the grieving process, of feeling hopeless, and she’s made this commitment. Something has to change.

Recently, I had a conversation with my husband about the Mother’s Day gift of all the episodes of one of my all time favorite shows, Big Bang Theory. He kept on asking me on when we could begin watching them and I kept on putting him off. I do not remember how the discussion began, but I explained to him through many tears that I was scared to begin the series. This may sound odd to you; however, we have a habit of getting sucked into a show and our life will become completely engulfed by it until it is over, watching hours and hours at a time. We stay up late which causes me to sleep in and I get nothing done which stresses me out. Although we laugh and have fun spending time with one another, it really just sucks the life out of me. Which during normal times I could probably have another month of lazy; but during these times of stay at home orders and social distancing it petrifies me.

Before we moved to Idaho, I suffered greatly with depression and anxiety. My poor mental health debilitated me to where I watched Netflix and ate Pringles all day. This bad habit left me with nothing and led me toward staying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and sleeping. I avoided everything and everyone. I was miserable and it tore my family into pieces. They were some dark days, weeks, months, years …..

I cannot go back to what was. I have been doing so good: graduating from college, becoming a teacher, creating a life that I have always wanted with new dreams and goals for my future. I am tired of giving up and feeling worthless. I made a commitment to myself and my family. I needed to do something different if we were going to watch the show this summer. So we came to the agreement that we would watch only two episodes each evening he was home. I look forward to our time – it gives us something to giggle about every day!

MercyMe’s song “Move”. It’s from their new album “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” which was released May 4, 2010.

“I just might bend but I won’t break… As long as I can see your face “ Literally and figuratively, I have to move. I have to physically move each day as I build strength and stamina; as well as moving toward my goal and moving toward the One who gives me life.

No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it.

I Corinthians 10:13

It is this process of change that will bend us, shape us, and mold us into the woman (or man) that we are becoming. I am becoming the woman who does not quit.

Is there an area of your life that needs a change? Are there places where you need to move? Please feel free to share with me in the comments below so that I can support you during the “bending” process. Until next time – a latte of sparkles & giggles,

Choosing Not to Quit

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. – Dale Carnegie

In this weeks reading of A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit: 5 Habits from the Book of Ruth by Nicki Koziarz, I learned that I am not alone in this quitting game. Although this makes me happy that I am not the only one that seems to have difficulty completing what I started, I am also heartbroken for all of those who have not accomplished what their hearts desired. What unfinished business do you have? I hope that through my motivational sharing a spark will ignite within you to start again. Can I assist you in your journey?

The Bible tells us in Romans 5:3-4 that if “we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope.” I find that I often quit when I have an issue or some kind of problem enters the scene. For example: I quit leading Mom’s LifeGroup when it became to hard and I loss sight of the end goal. It was simpler to just stop attending and stop preparing weekly messages rather than persevering and pushing through the difficult times. Looking back, I think there was something really great that was happening in that small group and I missed an opportunity. Rather than choosing to rejoice in the discomfort that the group was causing and allow it to make changes in my life – I quit and became hopeless instead of full of hope as God promises us.

Currently, the world is afflicted with COVID-19. People all over are having to come to the place in their life and make the choice to wallow in the woes and worries or take heed in these times to make it count. I have chosen the latter, I want to look back on 2020 and see that I accomplished great things even in the midst of a global pandemic. This choice is not an easy one. There are many a days that I just want to go back to normal because things are hard. There are times, I just want to cry and throw a temper tantrum because this is not fair. But, I remember the promise God has given us – if we rejoice in our afflictions we will produce endurance, this endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope. Ultimately, my choice of living a purposeful life during these difficult times will bring new hope – and I do not know about you but I could use more hope these days.

Dale Carnegie writes in this weeks quote that “most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” What important things can you accomplish by not giving up during this time of hopelessness? Where can you succeed among the hardest time of your life? What can you do this year that will allow you to smile when you look back on 2020?

Next week, I will be diving into the first of five habits of a woman who does not quit. Until then – a latte of blessings & sparkles,

Hi, I Am Jeanie and I Am a Quitter

At the beginning of this month I had a heart to heart with myself and I was flooded with all of the emotions. Then, I put myself together and wrote in my journal. It is in my journal where I am able to process what I am feeling and then can read it to discover what I am experiencing. Once I had an idea what was going on, I shared the following on my personal Facebook:

okay, I need a moment of honesty. It is so very important for me to be transparent in my journey. This weeks, #Next90Days theme is Momentum and it spoke to me in ways that I had no idea it would. I am actually quite surprised at the ideas that it moved within me. I was reminded that I once had momentum and consistency in my life. After Lily was born, I found my love as a writer. I had a successful blog ( Soccer Mom & Giggle Town) and online weekly column (Gig Harbor Stay at Home Mom Examiner). I loved being a stay at home mom and sharing the struggles and strengths with my readers and learning from the journey.

For various reasons, I lost my consistency and my momentum disappeared. I battled with my emotional/ mental health and moved here to Idaho. Immediately, I tried to replicate what I had before and failed. Looking back, I see that was needed so I could step up and live my life long dream of becoming a teacher. Through the journey of college and my first year of teaching, I made several attempts at writing through this experience. Never having what once was. I never really felt like writing what I set out to write like I did before. I wrote about school and what I did in life, because that’s what I did before. Although, I gained readership and a presence on social media … I just wasn’t satisfied.

Over the last few months at home, I have had a lot of time to find out who I am as a person in this new season of my life. I have reflected upon what I enjoy and what I do not enjoy. And when I did, I became ecstatic about what I revealed! I could not wait to start … the momentum came back. So I prayed, created a plan, wrote out my goals, and began working on a consistent routine to meet them. I truly feel like this I the beginning of something that I am suppose to do. It feels right in every crevice of my body.

I have shared very little here with you on all of these changes, because I was embarrassed that I gave up on what I started, (again). I shut down Read Write Sparkle Coffee with no notice at all. I found a way to gain access to this site, and merged Simple & Scrumptious in the Kitchen without mention. Why? Because I just knew that you all have seen me create something and start something new … only to leave it or change it. I created a FB page and chose not to share it with anyone I knew. Because, I didn’t want you to think less of me. 

Sounds silly doesn’t. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been building a site and a social media presence of where I want to be and has the ability to withstand the goals of an educator, writer, and speaker that I have shared with you … in the direction that I am headed. I am writing all of this, because it is important for me to include you all in this adventure. Family, friends, acquaintances, mentors, professors, childhood peeps, coworkers, fellow bloggers …. 

I am happy to report that this honesty was accepted by my Facebook connections and they accepted invitations to join me on this new journey. But at the back of mind, I fear that one day this will be another thing that I quit. Have you been there?

I have been reading books to help me (Girl, Wash Your Face & Girl, Stop Apologizing), writing in my Start Today Journal and Priority Planner daily. In fact.. I am celebrating my 30 days in my Start Today Journal today!

Knowing I could not do this alone and cannot depend on my own devices, I turned to prayer and devotion. Here enters in my next 7 week reading journey – A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit: 5 Habits from the Book of Ruth by Nicki Koziarz. A book that I came across late last week. As I read the introduction, I just knew it was exactly what my soul needed for this season of my life.

“Perseverance is one of the greatest skills but one of the hardest lessons we will learn in our lifetime.” – @NickiKoziarz @c0fegrl #5HabitsBook

In the coming weeks expect to see a book review and motivations quotes inspired by this book study. Until next time – a latte of blessings & sparkles,

Girl, Wash Your Face & Girl, Stop Apologizing

I am a little slow when it comes to the hype of Rachel Hollis and her books: Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing; but I am so very glad I finally made the time to dive right into them. It may just have happened at the right time. During COVID-19, I have made myself a priority and created habits in my life that will help me reach what I want in life as well as focusing on who my best self is. As my role quickly changed from stay at home mom, to student, and now teacher .. I am finding that I really do not know what I want in life and how to get there. This time has been refreshing and valuable to my discovery.

Both books are like sitting down with an old friend having a conversation. Hollis provides realistic insight into her own life to help you dig deep within yours. Relatable stories help you see how your life can be affected by her lessons learned in her journey no matter what your end goal is.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be takes a lie that a lot of women believe in their life and turns your focus’ on the truth or how to discover it on your own. Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals walks you through the process of becoming your best self. First by understanding that you are deserving of living it to the skills and habits that you can develop to reach it.

I found myself laughing, crying, nodding my head in agreement throughout both of these books. I took time to reflect on the topics and was honest with myself in how these books pushed me toward what I was searching for. If you have not had the opportunity to read these books; I encourage you to take some time this summer to do so… I believe that with prayer they can help direct you toward the life you were made for.

Have you read these books, please share in the comments below on what you thought of them. Each week, I will be sharing about a book I have read or currently reading. Until next time – a latte of blessings & sparkles,