Creative Wellness is a way of valuing and actively participating in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences as a means to understand and appreciate the surrounding world (

Taking an Active Role in Your Creative Wellness

Find meaningful ways to incorporate creativity into your life. You can enhance creativity through activities and hobbies like arts and crafts, dancing, or cooking, or even by focusing on your own creative self-expression. Use creativity in your professional experiences by proposing new ideas, problem-solving and coming up with creative solutions.

Examples of Creative Wellness Activities:

Creative Wellness Inside the Classroom

Creative Wellness is more than just finding creative outlets for self-care and self-expression. As teachers, we can assist our students in building their creative problem-solving skills through projects, papers, presentations and extracurricular activities. Additionally, learning to recognize when students need a creative release will assist in providing creative outlets, such as coloring pages, downtime for preferred artistic mediums, dance breaks, or playing music to support their mental and physical health.

Examples of Creative Wellness Activities and Promotion inside the classroom: 

  • If class is primarily lecture, provide coloring supplies to help students focus  
  • Creative problem solving – post a difficult Sudoku or other puzzle for students to complete, those who finish the puzzle correctly can turn in for a prize or extra credit  
  • Encourage students’ creativity through creative writing assignments or self-reflections 
  • Playing music before or after class 

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