I absolutely love to cook and bake. I may actually enjoy the art of planning and preparing the food more than I love eating it. I spend many hours watching cooking shows, scouring Pinterest for new recipes, thumbing through my favorite cookbooks, and then putting together simple & scrumptious meal plans for my family to enjoy.

There is one thing I do not enjoy doing throughout this entire process, finding the recipe that I just saw and planned on creating. Even as organized as I am with a book shelf of favorite cookbooks, a weekly menu planning night, recipe holder on my kitchen wall, and a strategically arranged Pinterest account – I seem to misplace that one dinner at least once a week! As a working homemaker time is too precious to be spent on seeking a recipe in which I was looking forward to feast upon.

The Type A person I am knew I had to solve this dilemma. How do I place all of my favorite recipes in one place whether they are on book, website, blog, paper, or index card? How do I make it searchable so the food I want to prepare is accessible at my finger tips? How can I make it valuable to me and others with the same issue?

Introducing, Coffee Girl’s Anthology of Eats. A simple guide to eating scrumptious foods for the working homemaker. Here on I will provide an organized plethora of tried eats that you and your family will enjoy. This is not a place to reinvent the wheel with complete recipes but rather a resource for what is available in our homes and online. Similar to a collection of books, in this anthology I will describe each recipe by creator and title; organize by type, location, and main food items; and provide shopping list (without complete recipe), menu ideas, pictures, preparation tips, tools, and variations I have tried or would like to try. The goal is to have a searchable master list of all the foods we enjoy eating, alongside all the information that is needed to create it in one location.

Welcome to my new project … this is a work in progress, I hope you join me on this journey!