The answer to the question, “what’s on the menu.”

This section is a collection of recipes and stories of the meals that bring us together. Some of my favorite moments have been spent in the kitchen and around the table. It’s not always about the food for me; it is what happens when we come together, slow down, look into one another’s faces, and listen to each other’s stories. 

I’m not a recipe writer, for the most part. Many of these recipes— favorites around our table — are from chefs, cookbook writers, and restaurants I love, and I’m so happy to pass them on to you. At the beginning of each recipe, I’ve noted the source or inspiration, and I hope you buy the cookbooks, read the magazines, or bookmark the blogs, and that you find as much inspiration and instruction in them as I have. In many cases, I’ve adapted these recipes for simplicity or family preference along the way. They are, like all recipes, intended to be tinkered with and made your own, according to your tastes and your story, according to your family and your table. Every recipe is made to serve 4 people, unless otherwise specified. I generally make the full recipe for our little family because I love a serving of leftovers the next day; for a dinner party or large family of 6 to 8 people, you may double the recipe.

My hope is that when you read these pages, they will inspire you to gather the people you love around your table to eat, drink, and tell stories; as all are heard, fed, and nourished on every level.

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