I Can Statements for Teachers

The following is a list of I can statements for teachers, based on the Framework for Teachers (FfT) by Charlotte Danielson. It is my intention to take the time on coffeegirl.blog to unpack the framework by: explaining the levels of mastery, identifying key concepts and skills, determining big ideas, and writing the essential questions. This attempt is so that myself and others may benefit fully from the FfT so that we may better our practice as teachers.

Plan & Prep

FfT.1.a I can demonstrate knowledge of content & pedagogy.

Fft.1.b I can demonstrate knowledge of students.

Fft.1.c I can set instructional outcomes.

Fft.1.d I can demonstrate knowledge of resources.

Fft.1. e I can design coherent instruction.

FfT.1.f I can design student assessments.

Classroom Environment

FfT.2.a I can create an environment of respect and rapport.

Fft.2.b I can establish a culture for learning

Fft.2.c I can manage classroom procedures.

FfT.2.d I can manage student behaviors.

Fft.2.e I can organize physical space.


FfT.3.a I can communicate with students

Fft.3.b I can use questioning & discussion techniques.

Fft 3.c I can engage students in learning.

Fft.3.d I can use assessment in instruction.

Fft.3.e I can demonstrate flexibility & responsiveness

Professional Responsibilities

Fft.4.a I can reflect on teaching.

Fft.4.b I can maintain accurate records.

Fft.4.c I can communicate with families.

Fft.4.d I can participate in the professional community.

Fft.4.e I can grow & develop professionally.

Fft.4.f I can show professionalism.