Occupational Wellness is engaging in work, volunteering, organizations or academic endeavors in a manner that provides personal satisfaction and enrichment, and is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle. (www.osu.edu).

Taking an Active Role in Your Occupational Wellness

Set career goals. Document your accomplishments, update your resume regularly and utilize online platforms such as LinkedIn and Handshake. Engage in relationship-building and networking by seeking out mentorship, attending career fairs and networking events, conducting informational interviews and more.

Examples of Occupational Wellness Activities:

Occupational Wellness Inside the Classroom

As teachers, it is important to assist students in making decisions about their major and/or career path and finding meaningful ways to use their strengths enhance their career wellness. We can use our professional experiences to enlighten students on career paths, opportunities and professional etiquette.  

Examples of Occupational Wellness Activities and Promotion inside the classroom: 

  • Bulletin board connections to real word occupations
  • Review resumes
  • Highlight career fairs
  • Host a Professional Speaker Series
  • Be intentional about relating course content to potential careers
  • Get to know your students and their future career goals

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