Social Wellness is participating in positive social relationships
including friends, family,
community, and
work-groups (OSU)


Taking an Active Role in Your Social Wellness

Join an interest or activity-based group, attend community events and gatherings and make time in your routine for social connection. Get to know your students and coworkers. Communicate regularly with others and work on being open, vulnerable, nonjudgmental and kind. When you are spending time with loved ones, focus on being fully present in the moment. 

Social Wellness Inside the Classroom

Examples of Social Wellness Activities and Promotion inside the classroom: 

  • Create opportunities to get to know each other (you and students as well as student to student)
  • Start class off with a discussion question of the week or post one on a bulletin or dry erase board 
  • Set up a postcard table with fun postcards that are already stamped for students to send to friends and loved ones 
  • Board games for rent 
  • Friendship “Speed Dating” 
  • Building Book Club 
  • Board Game nights 
  • Attend a free community event together 
  • Create seating charts for class each week based on fun categories (i.e color of clothing into a rainbow, sitting by birthday month, height, have students pull a random number out of a hat as they walk in that is associated with a number at a seat) 

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