Spiritual Wellness is expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.


Taking an Active Role in Your Spiritual Wellness

Engage in regular self-reflection to increase awareness of purpose, meaning and connection in your life. Developing practices like mindfulness, meditation and yoga can also help you to focus on connection and spirituality.

Spiritual Wellness Inside the Classroom

Examples of Spiritual Wellness Activities and Promotion inside the classroom: 

  • Building quiet times for mindfulness 
  • Consider holiday observances for all religions when planning events, exams, and due dates 
  • Positive Psychology Activities 
  • Utilize a bulletin board to highlight mindfulness apps 
  • Create a mindfulness, prayer, or wellness room for students to use 
  • Tech free events or class times 
  • Spending time in nature by hosting meetings, office hours, or class outdoors on nice days 
  • Mindfulness retreat  
  • Start each class or meeting with a mindfulness activity 

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