Find Your Forward

In my reading, A Woman Who Doesn't Quit, Nikki Koziarz writes " We need stuff to look forward to. When life gets into the rut-cycle and we are just doing the same things over and over, it’s easy to want to give up on pursuing more. Whether you are the setting mini-goals type person or you need a reward to look forward to, set it! Mark it on the calendar! Do what you have to do to get there (2016)." What do you look forward to doing in your life? Can you set up mini sessions to help you meet your goal and choose to not give up?

Priority Planner

What I have noticed so far in my routine is that I feel accomplished, energetic, and more joyful in my days. These routines incorporate my necessary tasks to complete as a mom and homebody. It also includes time to eat and move, as well as my hobbies I enjoy. When school begins, I am looking forward to having a center of wellness daily rather than just working toward the weekend.

Hi, I Am Jeanie and I Am a Quitter

Knowing I could not do this alone and cannot depend on my own devices, I turned to prayer and devotion. Here enters in my next 7 week reading journey - A Woman Who Doesn't Quit: 5 Habits from the Book of Ruth by Nicki Koziarz. A book that I came across late last week. As I read the introduction, I just knew it was exactly what my soul needed for this season of my life.

Living the American Dream and the Pursuit of Happiness

What is it that will bring us this happiness? Happiness is found when we begin to discover that we have everything we need. I agree with Shasta Ballard when she stated, “I think as Americans we do take needed things for granted” (Blackboard). In our pursuit of the American dream we seem to look past all that we have right in front of us. It is these simple things food, water, shelter; safety, community, family, and friendships are where happiness lies.