Nutritious Smoothies You Actually Want to Drink

First, let me start off by saying that I love Rachel Hollis and the community that she has formed. She is inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable about many things. But, the other week she talked about her green smoothies that she drinks and claimed that the only way to get them down is to gulp it. Well, you do you my friend. I like to enjoy my morning breakfast, which is why I have been able to drink my smoothies for 2.5 years Monday-Friday pre-COVID-19 and now every other day as we have similar schedules that allow us to sit down and enjoy breakfast together. If I had to gulp my smoothie and plug my nose, I wouldn’t have been able to do it for more than a week. As they say, what is good for the goose is not for the gander.

Pictured above, I am the second one from the left in the front row. This is right before I started my smoothies.

Not only are my smoothies tasty, I have seen a plethora of changes since I began this journey. I am able to maintain a steady weight loss of about a half a pound to a pound a week with none of it to return and I have more energy to go about my day! These are the two main changes that have had rippling affects in my ability to do more for me, my family, my students, my community, etc. This has mad my stress and anxiety levels to go down – which makes me a happier person… These ripples spiral up quite a bit and the list goes on and on.

Pictured above, March 2020

This weekend, I shared my Daily Priorities & Morning Smoothies and how they set my day up for success. So, I thought I would share my smoothie recipes with you. I mean I wouldn’t even had time or motivation to be writing in my blog if it wasn’t for them in the first place!

The Basics

Each one of my smoothies follows a formula (think Steven Covey, if you read my Daily & Morning Smoothie Post) They always include: a frozen fruit and green, nutrition powder(s), and a liquid. I like to use frozen fruits because I can have a variety stored in my freezer and I do not have to use ice. I will start with the one I pictured in the blog post, I call it Strawberry Delight.

Strawberry Delight

  1. Combine all ingredients in order from above in blender.
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Pour into cup
  4. Enjoy 😊

Simple and Scrumptious!

Quick Talk about Smoothie Powder

Yes, I use SlimFast. I have tried many protein powders and smoothie mixes, but I stick to SlimFast because of its ability to keep me from wanting to eat mid morning. As a middle school teacher, my first and only break in the day is lunch and I need to make sure that whatever I have in the morning keeps me going and feel full until then. Sure, there are many other brands that I could use. Sure there are many other items that are “healthier”. Yes, I am aware of all this. BUT this is what works for me. If Rachel Hollis can gulp her green smoothies then you can do whatever you choose too.

That is all I have time to share today, stay tuned for more smoothie recipes that you will actually want to drink. Until then – a latte of sparkles & giggles,